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About Wesner Associates

Wesner Associates, Inc. began in the business of serving cemetery and funeral organizations in 1978. Since then they have provided the guidance, expertise and marketing solutions to help countless number of organizations develop and substantially grow their pre-need business. Wesner Associates is the developer of the industry’s top selling marketing and lead management system—MarketService 2000.

Wesner Associates is also the author of the highly acclaimed book “Complete Guide to Successful Family Services” and "How To Hire Top Performers". Over 1000 organizations in the United States and Canada have successfully adopted Wesner’s business model. This newly designed approach was created by Wesner Associates, Inc. as the vehicle to bring pre-planning and funding to a wider audience that has not been reached by traditional marketing in the past.

About Rick Wesner

Rick Wesner is a death care industry consultant and author who assists Cemetery and Funeral organizations to maximize their marketing and sales potential.

Sales and Marketing Executives International, the largest association for the sales and marketing profession in the world, has awarded Rick the dual designation Certified Sales and Marketing Executive.

Rick is also a Certified Professional Values and Behavior Analyst. He holds degrees in Business Administration and Civil Engineering. Rick has worked for over 35 years in our industry helping companies increase their market share while setting the foundation for long term growth and sales stability.
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