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MarketService 2000™ and the
National Do Not Call Registry

Press release:

The Federal Trade Commission officially announced that its amended Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) would become effective on January 1, 2005. The key change requires telemarketers who must "scrub" their call lists of phone numbers on the national Do Not Call registry, "to use a version of the National Do Not Call Registry obtained from the Commission no more than thirty-one (31) days prior to the date any call is made.

More information on the amended TSR can be found at the FTC Web page at

Below you will find the procedures and pricing for our National Do Not Call Registry scrub service. There are a number of steps to achieve this task and if you have any questions or concerns about this issue, feel free to contact us.

Printable Do-Not-Call ATTACHMENT

Step 1– Create A Profile
A representative from your location will need to go to telemarketing section of the National Do Not Call website and create a profile. The address is You will need an EIN number or SSN to complete the profile. Make sure to select "Seller" as the Organization Function. When the profile is complete a page with your Organization ID, Representative Password, and Download Password will display. Print this page and keep in a safe place.

Step 2—Subscribe and Pay
The next step will be to subscribe and pay for the area codes that you will need for your system. There are three choices, All Area Codes, Area Codes by State and Area Codes by Area Code Number. The first five area codes are free.

Step 3—SAN #
When completed you should get a SAN # (subscription account number) for the area code selection you made. When you provide Wesner Associates with your SAN# we will download your file and import this into your MarketService 2000™ database. This file will be imported into your database file as your data as described in the MarketService 2000™ agreement. We will then scrub your database file and report all findings. You will also receive a report of questionable phone numbers.

The cost for EACH scrub service is $55.

MarketService 2000™ Phone Checking Service
Upon completion of the scrub service we will activate our DNC phone checking service on all of your MarketService 2000™ logins so any new entry or records changed in MarketService 2000™ will be checked against your DNC database.

You can see an example of the MarketService 2000™ Phone Checking Service by logging into the demo system of MarketService 2000™ [login name: demo password: wesner].

To see the phone checking service in action, bring up a prospects information page. Change the phone number to 9547556825 (this number is not on the do not call registry but has been put in the demo system for presentation purposes) and save the record. You will be brought to a warning page.

Now select a call report event from the prospects event section and view the call report. The call report has been changed to highlight the phone number and display a warning if the prospect is a DNC Registrant.

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