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Everything you need for a Successful
Sales and Marketing Program!

  • Estate Planning Guide

    The Estate Planning Guide is designed to position the organization as professional and service oriented. You can customize the cover page with your name, logo and message of your choosing

  • Pre-Need Guide To Successful Family Services

    This book illustrates all the key concepts and working tools necessary to help organize, develop and maintain an effective Advance Planning and Family Services Program.

    Hard copy: $99

    Electronic copy: $59

  • Hiring Assessment Reports

    These reports are designed to show you how to discover and develop personal talent for success.

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    Success Insights – Sales Report
    Success Insights – Personal Interests, Values Report
    Interviewing Insights – Sales and General – Job Insights Report

  • Marketing and Information Brochures

    Our fully customizable brochures are designed to educate, inform and encourage families to pre-arrange their death care needs. Is important for families to clearly understand the benefits of pre-need and the value of the products and services you are offering.

    Families are first aware of your product and services and then begin to consider pre-need arrangements. These brochures used in their proper sequence move prospects quickly from the awareness stage to the consideration stage of the buying cycle and eventually to the purchase.

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    In Any Language FAMILY Is A Very Special Word
    Is In-ground Burial the Right Choice for You and Your Family?
    Is Above-ground Burial the Right Choice for You and Your Family?
    Is Cremation the Right Choice for You and Your Family?
    Give Your Family and Friends a Priceless Gift!
    Facts About Cremation and the Catholic Church

  • How To Hire Top Performers

    This is a book on recruiting, interviewing and hiring the right employee for the job. If you follow this proven process it will ensure that you obtain quality employees and obtain maximum performance.

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    Hard copy: $99

    Electronic copy: $59

  • Telephone Response Flip Chart

    A helpful tool for counselors when calling and setting appointments. It is a list of responses to objections received from prospects and what to say to overcome them.


  • The Universal Language DISC - A Reference Manual

    This is the most complete reference manual pertaining to the DISC language today. It contains 350 pages of useful information on behavior styles. $139

    Universal Language DISC by TTI brochure (pdf format).

  • Do-Not-Call Procedures

    This eighteen page power-packed handout provides the procedures for addressing the state and national do-not-call registry.


    The Do-Not-Call Procedures booklet consists of:
    • Policy guidelines and office procedures for staff
    • Counselors, inquiry checklist
    • Phone script apology
    • Consumer letter of apology
    • Letter of authorization to call and change in contact status forms to keep your organization compliant with the law

  • Gary O’Sullivan – Principal Power Concepts

    Gary’s teachings compliment Wesner’s material by offering unique insights to the advance planning market.

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