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The Pre-Need Guide to
Successful Family Services

The Newly Revised "Pre-Need Guide to Successful Family Services" includes many valuable tools that will immediately increase your productivity performance and income.

  • Recruiting and Hiring Techniques
  • Comprehensive Training Program
  • Telephone Techniques and Scripts
  • At-Need and Pre-Need Presentations
  • Ready To Use Activity Reports & Forms
  • High Integrity Closing Procedures
  • Ten Proven Ways To Develop Leads
  • Techniques To Obtain Endless Referrals

Ten Chapters to Increase Productivity, Performance and Profitability
Chapter 1 Organizational structure of the family services department

Chapter 2 Detailed job descriptions, independent contractors vs. employees, compensation plans

Chapter 3 Interviewing process to assist you in making the right staff selections

Chapter 4 Effective training program to increase the quality of your counseling staff

Chapter 5 Serving the immediate need family from the grief process to home visitation follow-up

Chapter 6 Organized system of marketing letters to give counselor’s tools necessary to accommodate most any circumstance and to represent the organization professionally

Chapter 7 Personal contact approaches by telephone including federal telemarketing regulations

Chapter 8 Pre-Need presentations with step by step process for obtaining quality referrals

Chapter 9 & 10 Complete explanations and forms necessary to maintain activity reports measuring the performance and productivity of each counselor and the overall team.

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