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Customer Testimonials

“I would recommend Rick Wesner’s program to anyone who wants to increase sales without “hard sell” and serve families with caring professionalism.”
-Keith G. Myers- Los Angeles, CA

“We have never experienced growth, like we have under your leadership. It is July and we have surpassed last years pre-need dollar volume.”
-Dennis L. Goethe, LFD- St. Louis, Missouri

“Thank you for your assistance in increasing sales over one million this past year. Your expertise has helped us build a solid foundation for our Family Services Department, which will last for years to come.”
-David A. Armes, LFD- Indianapolis, Indiana

“Currently, we are exceeding our anticipated goals, singularly due to the sales/marketing programs of Rick Wesner. We found Wesner Associates, Inc. to be completely dependable, extremely effective, and of the highest professional caliber.”
-Patrick Farrell-Clinton Township, Michigan

“On behalf of Catholic Cemeteries, I recommend Wesner Associates, Inc. for their work and their professionalism. Whether a cemetery is newly developing or renewing existing programs, this resource will be a valuable contribution.”
-Reverend Kenneth D. Whittaker- Miami, Florida

"Rick has not only increased the overall volume and revenue 120%, but has offered ideas and suggestions to constantly improve our Family Services Programs." 
-Mike Wolnick, California

"Your system in an absolute must for any serious manager in today's competitive marketplace."
-Darrold Hollett, Canada

"Market Service 2000 is the most innovative lead management system of it's kind. It provides the sales person the ability to track and manage their leads though an automated system of letters while providing excellent progress and sales reports. A definite system to have for the progressive pre-need program."
-Richard Rega, LFD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"If it wasn't for Market Service this sale wouldn't have happened!! All I can say is thank you for designing this system!"
- Paula Rathgaber-Gomez. Orange California

"We have utilizing Market Servicd 2000 for approximately seven years now. One of the greatest benefits realized is the ability for us to capture, and retain counselor activity, prospects and leads. . Without Market Service 2000 we would have lost all of this valuable information (prospects, leads, contact history) when and if a counselor left the company and/or location. Secondly, the system provides us a continuous source of contacts for counselors, new and old. We have been able to eliminate costly telemarketing, direct mail, inserts, etc., as a direct result of MarketService 2000. Our counselors have become dependent on the system for tracking prospects, and activity. It has proven to be one of our most valuable tools in marketing Cemetery/Funeral products and services."
-G. Bradley Kraft, New Albany, Indiana

"I worked several years in a cemetery, which had no software program to look up prospects, keep notes or offer a lead protection option. Everything was done by hand and kept in folders in a file cabinet, which meant everything Sales Counselors had to pull from the file to use, had to be copied & carried around. After using Marketservice2000, I really like being able to pull up a name at the click of a button and see everything I need. Additionally, the pre-written letters are “very” convenient and save me a lot of time."
-Sherry Lucas. Virginia

"Wesner Associates is a win-win, for our staff., our company, our families and our community."
-Lisa Baue, LFD, St, Charles, Missouri

" I have been involved with a number of sales database tools, but none has impressed me as much as your current software and programs. I am now able to cultivate relationships with the 35,000 families in our system without having to worry about it."
-Tod Dashley, Indianapolis, Indianna

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